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Brand Strategy + Identity

Hunger in The Wild

In the unique journey of Hunger in the Wild, the establishment of a solid brand foundation has been a catalyst for a substantial increase in revenue and audience. Growing the brand and a business and continuing to improve HITW’s marketing efforts.

The Problem

Hunger in the Wild has gone through hell and fire to be one of the best weightlifting gyms in the world. Kyle, CEO and founder commissioned E49 to primarily refine the old logo as the business was going through a rebirth. After losing equipment and other things in a fire, Kyle wanted to refresh the image of the GYM to increase the health of the business, attract more customers interested in high quality coaching and help more people through online and in-person programs. We identified these circumstances as an opportunity to develop the brand strategy for HITW and evolve the brand and branding itself and we collaborated with the HITW team to establish key elements such as brand mission, vision, values, purpose and more.

The Challenge

Hunger in the Wild (HITW) evolved into a tight-knit community with shared values and goals. During a transitional phase for the business, the team had to temporarily share a gym space with others. Kyle spearheaded efforts to secure a dedicated gym space for the HITW community in Dallas, Texas. After finding an ideal location, there was an opportunity to re-brand and refine the brand's identity and create a new environmental design for the Gym after this challenging period. Kyle aimed to create the best possible experience and a safe space for community members to continue their self-improvement journey. However, finding the right creative partner to enhance the brand identity proved challenging. Kyle sought someone who could grasp the essence of HITW and effectively convey his vision for the brand. Past experiences with freelancers had left him dissatisfied with the quality of results and the strategic aspects of creative decisions leading him to seek for a branding agency for the first time.

The Solution

After grasping the story and challenges of Hunger in The Wild, we proposed starting with a strategic approach to eliminate guesswork and uncover market variables. Having such information combined with Kyle’s direction and purpose for the brand directed all of the creative efforts, removing subjective and preferential creative decisions. Kyle realized that for the business to grow, he needed the staff members to understand the brand DNA’s; otherwise, branding efforts and investments might take longer to yield desired results. Upon completing the strategic phase, we identified their ideal customer and market position, leading to the development of their brand identity. This involved refining logos, optimizing the color palette for digital and traditional media, and designing business collateral materials.

The Results

In the unique journey of Hunger in the Wild, the establishment of a solid brand foundation has not only facilitated the addition and training of staff, expanded services, and the design of an impactful gym but has also been a catalyst for a substantial increase in revenue and following in social media platforms. Navigating the realms of growing a brand and a business simultaneously is no small feat, yet Kyle and Hunger in the Wild have not only achieved this but continue to improve, refine and strengthen their marketing efforts. Our collaborative relationship, branding agency–Gym—has blossomed into a myriad of projects, from crafting eye-catching promotional materials and gear to designing promotional materials for competitions and events, business cards, Weightlifting posters, and of course murals, interior and environmental design for the Gym.

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