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RG Hendricks

Hendricks has served the Green Bay Area since 1972 with concrete construction services. With new ownership taking over, Hendricks's new leadership saw an opportunity to evolve and improve the business in many aspects, such as operations, recruiting, and visual identity. At E49 Creative, our job was to create a new visual identity that would honor the heritage and legacy of the past but notably inaugurate a new era for Hendrick’s brand and business.

Services provided

  • Visual Identity
  • Collateral
  • Guidelines
  • Motion Graphics

Designing an evolving brand rich in heritage and success.

To evolve the brand’s visual identity–logo, colors, typography, and other visual elements–we decided to create a simple and clean symbol. The color palette changed from bright Green and Yellow –commonly seen in business around the Green Bay area– to a more elegant and less common combination of Dark Green and Gold colors. With such a sober and modern approach, we worked to emphasize the legacy and maturity of the business while maintaining a contemporary look for this rebranding.

An impactful rebranding and the results.

Without a doubt, this redesign was a huge jump to modernism and professionalism. As a result, Hendricks has successfully adopted a new image leaving a positive and lasting impression on recruiting and customers alike. Attracting better talent, strengthening the workforce, and improving revenue were the main objectives of the rebrand.

“We absolutely love the brand design created by Eder and his team. Our brand truly reflects our business, who we are, and how we want to be represented. The creativity and attention to detail were outstanding. I highly recommend using E49 Creative for all of your branding and creative needs!”


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