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E49 Creative is a nimble branding agency based out of Dallas, Texas. We serve clients looking to improve the world around them. Let us bring your vision to life.

Our Story

The intention behind being a completely digital and remote company was born out of a deep desire to meet the needs of those around us. Since our team is remote, we do not have the overhead other agencies do. Our team’s professional experience allows us to establish channels of communication and a well-structured project management system. These systems ensure all projects are executed in an organized, productive and timely manner. 

Not only do we take the proper steps to protect our client’s timelines, we also do our part in protecting our reputation. We firmly believe your reputation is what wins you business. Collectively as an agency—and individually as creatives—we take pride in our work and will not cut corners to gain a profit.

Eder and Areli from the E49 Creative team working on a new brand

Our Approach

Our approach is simple and powerful. It focuses on creating a solid brand strategy and an effective brand identity. Through years of experience and extensive daily-training we’ve created a formula that can be simplified into three core pillars to create unique brands: Alignment, Authenticity and Value.

A word from our clients

“We absolutely love the brand design created by Eder and his team. Our brand truly reflects our business, who we are, and how we want to be represented. The creativity and attention to detail were outstanding. I highly recommend using E49 Creative for all of your branding and creative needs!”
Alex VandeHei — Co-Owner | RGHendricks
“Eder and the E49 Creative Team are hands down the easiest and best design firm to work with! Attentive, friendly, professional, dedicated and their work speaks for itself. All the characteristics in a company you need to elevate your brand.”
Dinah Villareal — President | Texas C&S
“Absolutely the best experience. I’ve worked with numerous companies and freelancers and none have ever come close to being as great as E49! From the initial conversation, to the execution and development of the branding, they were flawless in creating a perfect brand for me.”
Dane Eyerly — Owner | DBL DKR

A team of passionate creatives with strategic thinking.

Authenticity instills a sense of trust. When your customers feel your brand is authentic they will trust what you say because they know you will act based on that you truly think and value. If your beliefs and theirs align, you've gained a loyal customer. We exist to make that alignment easier for them and you.

We firmly believe brands should be authentic. Finding one's uniqueness is the most rewarding and wisest investment any organization or individual can make. It unleashes our true potential to achieve success and satisfaction.

We’re a team of passionate creatives who appreciate collaboration and holistic organization to build brands that connect, stand out, and convert. Our individual experience allows us to offer world-class branding services. 
Eder Enciso founder and creative lead at E49 Creative
Eder Enciso founder and creative lead at E49 Creative
Eder Enciso founder and creative lead at E49 Creative
Eder Enciso founder and creative lead at E49 Creative
Eder Enciso founder and creative lead at E49 Creative
Eder Enciso founder and creative lead at E49 Creative

Our culture

Beliefs & Work Ethic

dependability to help

We have a strong conviction that being dependable increases the quality of life of everyone involved in a partnership. Knowing that  a partner  is someone you can count on is one of the most valuable characteristics of a human being.

responsible Collaboration

We believe that we’re placed on earth to share our talents. Working in a creative industry, ideas are our currency. And while we place a high value on our ideas,  we share them with each other to create the best quality products and services.

Ambition to serve

We believe ambition can be an igniting flame that fuels you to achieve your biggest goals. True ambition is centered in rendering meaningful service to others. It drives individuals to excellence and is often a sure anchor in difficult times.

Our Services

Transforming your vision into Future Growth.

As your creative partners, we will help you translate your vision and goals into ideas and brands that connect and convert more. Our services or engagements are structured methods to help you regardless of the stage of your business and brand. From defining your brand's DNA, vision and mission to developing brand visual identity systems, logos, brand guidelines and brand expression materials such as business collateral, websites, and more.

Brand DNA

Our introductory engagement in which we partner with business leaders to gain clarity on how to develop a strategic growth for their brand.

Brand Identity

This is our dedicated engagement where we help companies rebrand, refresh or evolve their identity with a strategic approach.

Holistic Brand

Our holistic engagement provides a complete brand DNA, foundation, Identity and expression development for you.

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