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Brand Visual Identity

Fish Food Collaborative

Shelby & Ryan are passionate about food, drinks, design and photography. We helped them establish a visual identity system to approach a new business venture.

The Problem

As their content got traction and engagement on TikTok and Instagram, Shelby and Ryan Fish decided to transform their account focus from sharing cocktail recipes and food vlogs to a completely new business venture. They took informal requests from people who asked to get videos edited, to offering their expertise helping small business owners to produce video, product photography and design services.

The Challenge

Having videos thousands of views in different social channels, Fish Food Collaborative seek for our help to create a new brand visual identity that is familiar to their followers but that would be also more sophisticated and attractive for other business owners interested in professional food & product video production services.

The Solution

The inspiration came from the 1920’s Art Deco artistic movement, as well as music from that era. Prominent angles, metallic textures, a nostalgic feel of chill vibes, and elegance guided the aesthetic developement. We created a custom logotype and a monogram featuring the letters F+F+C with a thin homogeneous line to evolve it into the symbol we call ‘the seal’ The color palette is nostalgic and clean.

The Results

The result is a sophisticated brand where the aesthetics in combination with the colorful photography sums up to a very unique and distinctive brand where nostalgia meets business. “E49 was able to see aspects of my business from a design standpoint that I couldn't, and after what seemed no time at all my brand identity was complete. The work E49 did for us was absolutely fantastic! — Shelby Fish

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