Brand Visual Identity

Fish Food Collaborative

The team developed the new visual identity, logotype and identity systems for the Fish Food Collaborative. The Shelby & Ryan are passionate about food, drinks, design and photography. They share cocktail recipes on social media and provide professional food photography services as part of their business. We were commissioned to create a logotype to help them adopt a more established image. The objective was to show an evolution and emphasize the expertise they can offer in form of services.

Scope & Deliverables

  • Logo Design
  • Bran Identity
Evolution of the old logo to the new mark.
Evolution of the mark |©

The Opportunity

The inspiration came from the 1920’s Art Deco artistic movement, as well as music from that era. Prominent angles, straight lines, metallic textures combined with organic shapes. The nostalgia, chill vibes, and elegance guided our design process. The design of the logo/monogram features a F+F+C. We purposefully utilized a thin homogeneous line to and evolve it into the symbol we call ‘the seal’. The color draws inspiration from the art deco movement. The result is a more sophisticated aesthetic which in combination with the colorful photography and content curation sums up to a very unique and distinctive brand where nostalgia meets contemporary times.

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