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Aeris Secure

Aeris understood that branding goes beyond colors and pretty things. It’s about connecting emotionally with the right people and delivering the promises made.

The Problem

Aeris Secure, a cyber security company, helps businesses & organizations to maintain compliance with leading cyber security practices and policies. Originally, Aeris commissioned E49 Creative to design a new logo but quickly realized the importance of having a solid foundation for this logo to stand on. Serving in the B2B industry, creating strong relationships with customers is crucial. Having cohesive consistent and cohesive communications will ensure the Aeris team is effective in creating secure relationships with its customers.


After a series of conversations with the leadership team, Aeris decided to invest in taking a deep dive into the essence of the brand in order to reach new customers and break through the noise amongst B2B competitors. While a redesign is costly—both monetarily and timewise—it is a necessary investment for those looking to become a brand rather than solely a company. Aeris understood that branding goes beyond colors and pretty things. It’s about connecting emotionally with the right people and delivering the promises made.


The E49 and Aeris leadership teams held a series of workshops and meetings to collaboratively develop the brand strategy. In order to have a clear strategy, the rebrand needed to have calculated and meaningful adjustments to justify the changes. As a result of this collaborative effort, a 100% customized framework was developed and defines brand statements and standardized guidelines now. This framework also entails a clear differentiation strategy for the Aeris brand to connect authentically with its target audience–IT directors and CTOs–attract top talent, and boost its already established reputation within the cyber security industry. Aeris’ leadership team had two main goals for this brand redesign project: Create a clear messaging framework to become the preferred option for B2B businesses seeking cyber security services, PCI compliance, and penetration testing. Attract and retain better talent within the cyber security industry.

The result

At the conclusion of this redesign project, a Brand Master Guide is produced and delivered by the E49 team. This guide is a document with more than 60 pages and serves as a compass for the entire team—leadership and employees—at Aeris as it outlines the brand’s purpose, positioning, target audience, personality, and messaging framework. Additionally, the document includes visual identity systems and guidelines detailing how to use colors, logos, symbols, and other visual elements to create a strong and secure first impression.The brand now has a complete persona—with a recognizable voice, values, beliefs, and aspirations. The new branding for Aeris is bold, authentic, and friendly—just like the team it represents. With a strategic brand strategy, the Aeris team has now a framework that can now help anyone internally to communicate its brand’s persona cohesively and break through the noise within in the Cybersecurity industry.

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