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Brand Visual Identity

Boyi Iturbide

Adriana “Boyi” Iturbide, a legend in Mexican women's football, adopts a new professional brand identity and sets herself apart in a nationally booming new industry and profession.

The Problem

With the increasing popularity amongst the country, Mexican female players–pioneers of their time, are establishing the future for the business and young girls who want to be professional footballers. Unlike men, the support and commercialization of athletes' image is still in the beginning stages, leaving room for an immense opportunity for female footballers to create their personal brands and attract sponsorships, partnerships, and do the most while their career lasts.

The Challenge

We approached Adriana, to collaborate with her on creating her brand identity. A set of symbols, colors, typography and logos to create a system that would help her give a more established and elite image. Like other stars such as Ronaldinho, Lebron James, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and more, we wanted to help Boyi capitalize on her fame and continue to influence the young generation of footballers in Mexico.

The Solution

To help her stand out we create an identity system consisting of a monogram logo. A monogram is a combination of two or more letters into a single and particular symbol. These types of logos always evoke a feeling of heritage and elegance, characteristics that Boyi instills in her playing style. The color choices took us to a sober and elegant gold and black combination. We also created an original wordmark—a logotype made of typographic elements only—which added a bit more organality to her new professional athlete image.

The Results

Boyi was able to access a set of tools that helped her craft her visual identity as a professional athlete. We provided her with a set of Brand Guidelines, a logo family system with different variations of logos, formats and layouts. This allowed Adriana to be armed with a set of assets to build her professional athlete brand. Adriana is a player of the Mexican National Team, played for the most important team in her region for several years and holds top-level scoring goal records.

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