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Boyi Iturbide

In our digital era, there are a plethora of ways athletes can grow their online following, loyal fanbase as well as gain additional revenue. The key to all of this—and to monetization—is to have a cohesive brand that can seamlessly be seen from the athlete's personal and professional life into their presence online. However, while many athletes are skilled at their respectful sports, they miss the mark on branding themselves outside of their jerseys.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Adriana "Boyi" Iturbide has shown a great deal of hard work, dedication, and passion in all she does. Besides being a talented striker for the Women's Mexican National Team and Atlas FC Femenil, she is a general Doctor practitioner and has a great positive influence locally. With this in mind, E49 Creative decided to make world-class professional branding more accessible for athletes with great potential. One of them is Adriana.​​​​​​​

Services provided

  • Brand Visual Identity
  • Motion Graphics

The challenge and the solution

​​​​​​​The challenge was to create a logotype and visual system that would help Boyi's marketing efforts to reflect her personality and values into a powerful and genuine symbol. For this project, we studied Boyi's career—on and off the field—to conceptualize an entire digital identity for her. What originally started as a passion project, blossomed into Boyi's current branding. The key to the result was the direct collaboration with Boyi, some of her fans and the Instagram community. We arrived at a beautiful, sophisticated and clean branding solution. A versatile visual identity system of symbols to help Boyi's brand get to the next level.


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