Brand Visual Identity


In an effort to create a consistent stream of clients and have a lasting impact on them, JustClean Company commissioned e49 Creative to design its new brand’s visual identity. Working off of a brief sketch of the city of Charlotte’s skyline, the E49 team took Julio Cuellar’s—Owner of JustClean Company, Junk Removal and Pressure Washing Services—idea and turned it into a modern, bold and professional identity system. The E49 team needed to create the first official logo of the company that would convey a message of reliability and become a tool to create a good reputation. The mark needed to represent the city of Charlotte, NC and at the same time be flexible enough to evolve into a bigger brand in the future. Working with clean lines, loud colors and bold typography, the team arrived at a logo that can stand the test of time and grow with the company. The new logo, accompanied with eye-catching colors, was unveiled in January 2021. JustClean features the new visual identity on all digital platforms, print materials and apparel.

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  • Brand Visual Identity
  • Brand Positioning


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